The City Men Breakfast – A networking event like no other in Birmingham

The City Men Breakfast – a networking event like no other in Birmingham

A guest blog by Roger Bauckham

I first heard about the work and various events of ChaplaincyPlus when I was employed at the Jericho Foundation – a Birmingham charity and social enterprise providing supported employment.

As a business development manager for Jericho, I initially saw their events as “good networking opportunities”, a chance to meet other Christian people in the Birmingham workplace (and, of course, to tell them more about the work of Jericho!) – but, as I soon discovered, there was much more on offer than just another opportunity to network.

The City Men breakfast, is, I have to say, a get-together like no other I have been to.

Let me explain….

Normally, when you meet other business people during the working day, the discussion is always around “how well you are doing”, your latest well-known client, and about establishing credibility, respect and trust.

But at the Men’s Breakfast, it’s very different …. the way the group is run simply encourages real openness, vulnerability even, and an understanding that its not always “going really well” – sometimes life is just hard and there are struggles to face that just seem impossible to navigate.

…. We all have them from time to time, don’t we?

The Men’s Breakfast is just a great place to be, to grab a bacon sarnie, a hot drink, and listen to a brief spiritual talk from either Steve or Kim. And then, to simply chat with other guys who are working in the city, and who realise the real importance of having a place to go where its “OK” to be “NOT OK”

…. Oh, and by the way, the breakfast is free, but I always give a £5 donation!

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